11 Sep 2023

How we increased productivity at Pledge Office Chairs

Discover how we helped one office chair manufacturer increase their productivity, efficiency and product quality…


Who are Pledge Office Chairs Ltd?

Pledge Office Chairs LTD are one of the UK’s leading office seating manufacturers. Established in 1970, the company has grown from a relatively small family-ran affair into a major national supplier.


With a solid team of 140 staff members, Pledge Office Chairs LTD has been a name synonymous with quality for over 50 years.


However, in recent years, the team found themselves dealing with a substantial amount of waste, increased power consumption, higher energy costs and general inefficiencies in their technology and operations. 


This prompted Senior Operations Manager, Steve Pearce, to look for an alternative to the older technologies and machines that they had been using. 


How VWM stepped in to help:

Luckily for Pledge Office Chairs Ltd, here at VWM, we had just the solution. 


After speaking with the team, we were able to recommend a newer CNC Machine that had advanced capabilities to enhance their daily operations. This was fitted and installed shortly thereafter – and the positive feedback was almost immediate. 


“Prior to reaching out to VWM, we were using old technologies to cut and finish the wood”, explained Steve Pearce, “The new machine seemed to be exactly what we were looking for – and we were highly impressed by the team’s professionalism and efficiency.” 


“Once installed and fitted, the impact of our new CNC wood-cutting machinery was immediate and profound. We suddenly found that we had reduced our production waste, increased operational efficiency, and enhanced the standard and accuracy of our work.”


“We’re using significantly less manpower to operate our machines, too – which means we’ve been able to save a great deal of time and put our team members to better use elsewhere. All in all, we couldn’t be happier!” 


What were the benefits to Pledge Office Chairs Ltd?

  • Waste reduction
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved accuracies 
  • Better manufacturing 
  • Reduced power consumption
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