In order to safely operate a Technos CNC machine, you and your staff will require fully certified CNC router training.

Our technicians have years of experience in providing thorough Technos CNC router training, and will be sure to cover all necessary technicalities, safety precautions, and best practices to achieve the most effective results with our Technos machines.

With an excellent understanding of how to operate all of our Technos CNC machines, we can also offer support and software training for our Technos range.

Please note that CNC training is for the Technos range only.

What you can expect from Technos CNC router training:

  • Full on-site training
  • A full week's programme
  • High quality teaching
  • Certification upon completion
  • Ongoing aftercare and support for your Technos CNC Router


Yes, a certificate will be given to all participants who attend our training course everyday.

The average install takes place over two days, usually on Monday and Tuesday.

This has currently not been needed as advice is always available via phone or email by our engineers, but would be made available should you need it.

No, we currently don’t do training online. Once the CNC router machine and software has been installed, we will deliver our training on your premises.

Vectric Software training is given over one day (Wednesday). This includes installing the software, installing the suitable Post Processor (depending on the machine), setting up the tool database and designing & toolpathing the product you wish to work with.


We then give one day of machine training (Thursday). This consists of starting-up and shutting-down the machine, setting the origins & tools up and how to correctly use the vacuum table. We will also make you aware of all the safety features and requirements of the CNC router when in production.


On the last day of training (Friday), we will go through the production of the machine, helping you gain the confidence and knowledge of using the CNC router and software. This also allows for any further questions.


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