CNC routers are computer numerical controlled machines that offer increased accuracy, a boost in productivity, and a reduction in waste.

Whether you’re using a 3 axis cnc router or 5 axis cnc router for machining panel materials or joinery timber components, CNC routers can be programmed to produce complex parts and shapes, reducing operator costs, increasing efficiency, and providing a high standard of finish every time.


Our Technos CNC router range
Manufactured on site in our state-of-the-art production facilities, the CNC routers in our own Technos range are all supplied with comprehensive CNC router software, and have been specially designed by our team of experienced and highly-skilled engineers to provide powerful, well-engineered CNC routers for beginners and professionals.

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VWM Eco Series


VWM Eco Series


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VWM HD Series

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CNC Routers


In order to safely operate any CNC machinery, be it a CNC router or CNC point-to-point borer, your staff will require full certified CNC router training. 


Our technicians have years of experience in providing thorough training for all types of CNC routers, and will be sure to cover all necessary technicalities, safety precautions, and best practices to achieve the most effective results. 


With an excellent understanding of how to operate all leading controllers, including those from Bosch, Osai, and LNC, we can also offer support and software training for Licom and Vectric packages.

Cut2D Pro gives you the power to produce complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths, and comes installed as standard on all of the CNC routers in our Technos range. 


With unlimited job and toolpath size capabilities, true shape nesting and comprehensive job set-up sheets, Cut2D Pro combines easy-to-use vector drawing and editing tools with powerful 2D machining strategies in an intuitive software which takes the guesswork out of CNC routing, milling, or engraving projects.


2D design and layout tools

Easily create vectors from scratch, or import and edit bitmap images

Create 2D toolpaths

Including profiling, pocketing, drilling, inlays, and quick engraving

Merge toolpaths

Combine toolpaths using the same tool to create one toolpath for efficient machining

Unlimited toolpath size

Effortlessly handle and work with parts and materials of any size
CNC Complex Paths High efficiency Draw simple or complex shapes effortlessly, and nest your components to give the most economical yield.
CNC Complex Paths File compatibility Import DXF, DWG, TDF, EPX, and SVG files to your toolpath at the click of a button.
CNC Complex Paths Complete tool database Store all your tools in one convenient location.
CNC Complex Paths Try and test Run full simulations to test your programmes prior to cutting any components.
CNC Complex Paths Engraving made simple Achieve simple or complex engraving patterns, even in 3D.


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