19 Feb 2020

East Lancashire door set manufacturer increase production with new Technos MDK door lock machine

One of VWM’s valued customers has recently optimised his production operations and made savings on his labour costs after investing in a new Technos MDK door lock machine.


The Client

Our client, an East Lancashire-based door set manufacturer, is regularly contracted to produce specialised door sets for new-build houses. This process involves making a complete internal door, pre-hung with hinges and locks fitted into the frame, before supplying door sets to construction staff, who then simply fit the full door set into position.


The Problem

Our customer was experiencing a particular bottleneck in his production operations, at the stage where the door locks and hinges were to be machined and fitted. On his existing machine, this process would take approximately 4-5 minutes per lock, not including the planning time associated with measuring and marking out the position for each lock.


The Solution

The Technos MDK door lock machine is operated via a touch screen, which allows the operator to input custom sizes and automatically position the lock and hinges. Set-up is straightforward and very quick, taking approximately 15 seconds per door. The Technos MDK is capable of fitting a lock in 2 minutes, halving our client’s production time, and it brings the added bonus of freeing up a pair of hands so that pre-machined locks can be fitted whilst a new lock is being machined!

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