19 Feb 2020

Happy customer leaves with CNC machine after testing its capabilities in our warehouse

A loyal customer of ours was considering purchasing a CNC machine and, knowing nothing about them, came to us for advice. We asked him about the intended uses of the machine, and he explained that his aims were to produce stair strings and components, kitchen doors and joinery parts.


Upon his arrival at our warehouse, we took him through the process of completing a drawing for a kitchen door on the software which we have set up to our machines. He completed this himself with our supervision before we advised on the best tools to use for cutting. We then sent the programme to the machine and the customer was able to watch the component being cut, therefore gaining a better understanding of CNC machining in terms of the full process involved.


Our customer was so impressed with the simplicity of the machine’s operation that he began to question its limits! He asked if the machine could cut certain non-ferrous metals and plastics, to which the answer was yes. At this moment, he placed an order with us.

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