Dominion BXA-3 Three Head tenoner

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Dominion BXA-3 Three Head tenoner

The Dominion BXA-3 Head single end tenoner is designed and built to withstand continuous use.
The cast iron base ,column and slide ways provide a rigid and durable mainframe assembly ,and the high output motors supply ample power, 2.2 KW 3 Phase .
The large ground cast iron sliding table slides easily on its ball race supported wheels ,and cutterhead slide movements are smooth and easily adjustable on dovetail slides.
Extremely versatile and taking only minutes to set up , the Dominion BXA 3 Tenoner is easy to use and accurate in operation.
Work is positioned on the rolling table against an end stop and a fence, and is secured by a cam action lever.
Its end is then passed between 2 vertically mounted cutter heads which machine the top and bottom cheeks of the tenon.
The tenon width is set by raising or lowering the top motor,and its position on the timber by raising or lowering the two motors in tandem.
Variations in shoulder length are set using the rule on the end stop and staggered tenons are achieved by simple handwheel adjustment of the top motor, with digital counters to help the measurements.
Each cutting head has provision for profile knives to enable the cross section of the components being jointed to be matched.
The standard scribing head allows many different configurations of tenons to be achieved.

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Main motor size2.2kw 3 phase
Timber capacity130mm x 310mm
Timber capacity with fence at 45 degrees130 x 250mm
Max. length of tenon155mm
Max. length of tenon2 passes 205mm
Vertical adjustment of bottom cutter block0 to 60mm
Vertical adjustment of top cutter block0 to 120mm
Horizontal adjustment of top cutter block32mm
Table size800 x 310mm
Table working height860mm
Main Cutter heads175 x 60 x 30mm
Scribing Head
Motor size4.0kw
Cutter block150 x 60 x 30 Aluminium
Shaft diameter30mm end-tapped M12; 8mm keyway
length of shaft75mm
Horizontal movement30mm
Max. diameter of tooling210mm
Vertical stroke150mm
Full CE Specification

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Stepped tenons, splayed tenons, scribed tenons, double tenons, and multiple bridals and finger joints, are all possible on this versatile machine.
Combinations of 90* and bevelled cutting discs with appropriate spacers can also be fitted to produce interleaved joints as used in sash window construction.
Please note 32amp, 3-phase supply required.

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