Sahara 3 head TESH single end tenoner

Sahara 3 head TESH single end tenoner

Medium duty 3 head tenoner with 60mm tooling

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  • Manufacturer Sedgwick Woodworking Machinery
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Timber capacity 130 x 310mm
Timber capacity with fence @ 45 130 x 250mm
Maximum tenon length 155mm
Maximum length of tenon in 2 passes 205mm
60mm combination tenon heads
60mm scribe head
Vertical adjustment of bottom cutter 0 – 60mm
Vertical adjustment of top cutter 0 – 120mm
Horizontal adjustment of top head +/- 32mm
Table size mm 700 x 310
Working height of table 800mm
Cutterblock size 2 x 175 x 50 mm
Motor size 2 x 2hp
Scribe head motor 1 x 1hp
Readout to horizontal adjustments
Readouts to Vertical adjustments
DC injection brakes
Dust hood outlet 2 x 115mm
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