2 Aug 2021

New Technos CNC Boring Machine – Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a new CNC boring machine into our Technos range! 


With the capacity to perform all drilling and grooving operations for small and medium-sized businesses, the new Technos 1030 CNC machine provides five-sided wood processing and feed speeds up to 80m/minute, delivering excellent results whilst being compact and enabling users to save on space in the workshop. 


“The new Technos 1030 is very well-suited for kitchen and bedroom carcass manufacturing, as it operates at very high speeds and is able to work with materials of all shapes and sizes,” explains VWM Sales Director, Jason Varey. 


“Whilst being introduced into our Technos range, this new machine sits separately from the existing Technos CNC machinery, as it’s somewhat of a hybrid. Whereas traditional CNC machinery will usually work around the panel, meaning the size of the material you’re able to work with is limited by and dependent upon the size of the table you have in the workshop, the Technos 1030 effectively takes hold of the material and feeds it through the machine. This enables users to work with materials of pretty much any size – from two metres long right through to twenty metres long, and beyond! 


“In addition to the flexibility it offers in terms of sizing capacities, the new Technos 1030 also offers much higher speeds than the other machines in our Technos range. The ability to drill and complete projects very quickly is a core requirement when it comes to manufacturing carcasses for kitchens and bedroom furniture, making the Technos 1030 an excellent choice for those in this line of work.” 


The VWM team are expecting to receive stock of the new Technos 1030 in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates! 

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