11 Mar 2013

VWM commisioned to manufacture 12 meter CNC machine for Non ferrous industry

VWM were approached by a leading Non ferrous supplier to build them a bespoke 12 meter CNC machine with some very technical innovation’s.

The brief was very specific from our client as they wanted a machine with bed size of 12000mm x 2000mm and with a 500mm Z axis movement.We also had to build in a 20 position tool changer a 53kw spindle and Renishaw probe for the machine to test the component so it reduced having to take a large component off the machine table thus reducing a secondary machine and process.

The machine also had to have a coolant system with swarf recovery conveyour to ensure less down time for cleaning finished componets.We also had to manufacture a special enclosure with CCTV veiwing from the machine control pendant thus ensuring operator safety.

We are now nearing the end of the project with the finished machine being installed in late April 2013.

The whole project has taked form design to installation 6 months but the finished machine is to our clients exact standards and specifications.

Head of TK machine



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