Our range of thicknesser have been designed and built to exacting standards these machines have evolved to take on a wide range of challenges and machining plastic is one they have mastered.We also offer our 4 side planer moulder which can do all four edges at the same time-saving time and money on fast production, our machines can also be fitted with “spiral” blocks to reduce extraction build up and we can now offer up to 800mm wide planing capacity

Our range of thicknesser is a very well engineered machine it has been designed and built to withstand the hardest machining applications but has evolved very well to cope with wide plastic materials.

Our machines have a proven track record in this field and the finish taken from them is second to none, the operator is at the forefront and great care and attention has been taken on the design of the easy to use HMI touch screen on all our machines.

New Touch screen

The finish of the product has been given great thought and the use of precision manufactured TERSA cutterblock which is perfectly ground and balance to give a Superior finish, along with this we also offer the “helical” tipped block which again copes very well with wide products.

The table is supported by 4 x lead screws but also 2 x prismatic guide system thus ensuring that the table remains true and solid whilst in the machining process.

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