22 Nov 2023

Buying a new wood CNC machine? Look out for these three red flags…

There’s little we love more than investing in a new piece of CNC machinery. The anticipation of enhanced efficiency, precision and the potential to shake up your operations with a CNC machine is exciting.


Yet, this excitement does come with a caveat – the responsibility of making an informed and safe investment. 


While a new CNC machine can be a game-changer for your production line, overlooking critical details can turn this dream into a costly nightmare. 


This month at VWM, we’re exploring three red flags you should watch out for to ensure your investment is not just exciting but also smart and secure…


Let’s get started…


1. The absence of a UKCA / CE Mark 

The first red flag in your wood CNC machine purchase is the absence of a UKCA / CE mark. This certification is a non-negotiable indicator of a machine’s compliance with the European Union’s safety, health, and environmental protection standards. 


A machine without this certification is not just a potential legal liability but also a risk to the safety and well-being of your workforce. It’s a clear sign that the machine may not meet the necessary quality and safety standards, putting your operations and employees at risk. 


How to avoid this risk? Always verify that your chosen CNC machine proudly displays this mark, as it is a testament to its adherence to the highest standards. Not sure what to look for? Ask your supplier to point out where the UKCA/CE mark is – they should be able to clearly show it to you.


2. A lack of essential safety features

Another major red flag is a lack of essential safety features. CNC machines, with their high-powered operation, necessitate robust safety measures.


You should never risk using a machine that does not have adequate safety features in place. Overlooking these could lead to serious workplace injuries and legal complications. 


Specific features to look out for include: 

  • Full safety cage to 3 sides of the machine
  • Category 2 light beams to the loading area 
  • Safety relay to isolate E-Stop chain
  • Safety relay to isolate light beams
  • Full CE/UKCA compliance with certification

3. No after-sales support

Finally, the absence of after-sales support is a critical red flag when purchasing a new CNC machine. After-sales support is essential for troubleshooting, maintenance, and ensuring the long-term operability of your machine. 


A lack of after-sales service can result in extended downtime and inefficient operations, significantly impacting your productivity and bottom line. Before making a purchase, research the supplier’s support offerings, including technical assistance, maintenance services, and availability of spare parts. A company that stands behind its products with robust after-sales support is indicative of quality and reliability.


Looking for a new wood CNC Machine? Choose VWM 

So there we have it. Whilst the initial low cost of cheaper workshop tools can be appealing, it often leads to higher long-term expenses.


This equipment typically lacks durability and efficiency, resulting in frequent repairs or replacements. Investing in higher-quality equipment, though more costly upfront, ultimately saves time and money, providing better value and reliability.


At VWM, we’re a family-owned business that has been selling, manufacturing and servicing woodworking machinery for over forty years.

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