30 May 2022

CNC Machine Maintenance & Servicing

Keeping on top of CNC machine maintenance is vitally important, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your machine’s expected lifespan, as well as keeping your productivity levels up.

CNC machining can offer a host of benefits over using classic machinery, including increased precision, more accurate and efficient performance, ease of operation, consistency in quality, and improved operator safety. A CNC machine is a sophisticated piece of technology, and as such will amount to a significant investment for your business. 


Here are our top tips…

Our top CNC machine maintenance tips:


1. Always keep an eye out for potential faults 

The longer you spend working with your machinery, the more familiar its parts will become. It’s always advisable to keep an eye out for any potential faults or damage caused to parts while your machine is in use. In doing so, you’re likely to catch any damage early, and be able to act on it before it becomes so severe as to cause the machine to break down.

2. Be sure to lubricate moving parts 

In order to better protect your machine and increase its lifespan, be sure to keep specific parts well lubricated. How often your CNC machine needs lubricating will depend on the frequency of its use. Check the wear on ball nuts, bearings, and linear rails, and get in touch with your supplier if you start to suspect that your machine may be in need of replacement parts. 

3. Keep things clean 

The nature of the business means that machinery, equipment and parts all get dirty fairly quickly. To ensure your machinery continues to function and perform well, and to minimise the risk of jams, or becoming unsafe in operation, you’ll need to make sure your machinery is cleaned at least once a day. We recommend using a fibre towel and vacuum, rather than sweeping away any debris.

4. Pay special attention to the air supply components

A lot of CNC machines require pneumatic air in order to operate, and this air will need to be both clean and dry. The air pressure will also need to be controlled and maintained at more than 80 PSI. Whilst the air system may not directly be a part of the machine, it’s important to ensure the air supply is being maintained properly and at the correct specifications in order to prevent damage being caused to your machine.


5. Take a preventative approach for electrical components 

Inconsistencies in the power supply, including power spikes or low voltages, can cause damage to your machine and cause frequent failures and breakdowns. If the electrical components are not wired correctly, or if your machine has poor electrical grounding, this is also likely to cause machine failures, so it’s important to check over the electrical components and power supply for your machine on a regular basis. 

Other things to look out for when it comes to ongoing maintenance:

Worn tooling 

Your cut quality will be affected if collets, covernuts, and tools are worn or damaged. We recommend replacing these parts every 3-6 months. 

Vacuum pump oil 

The oil in your vacuum pump should be changed less frequently, however it’s something to bear in mind.  We recommend changing your vacuum pump oil after around 20,000 hours of use. 

Old files 

Having lots of old files stored on your machine can affect its efficiency. We recommend backing up any files that are no longer in use on an external hard drive to clear up some memory space on your machine. 

Power-up hours 

Electronics have a tendency to overheat when left powered up for long periods of time. Leaving your CNC machine turned on all year can cause the connectors to burn, putting your employees at risk of experiencing unexpected power surges. We advise powering down the machine at the end of every day to prevent this from happening. 

Drive belts 

For machines with drive belts on transmission assemblies, you should aim to change the belts once every two years. 

CNC machine service contracts 

Trusting an experienced team of specialist engineers with the maintenance of your CNC machinery by investing in a CNC machine service contract offers a number of key benefits, including: 

  • A guarantee that your machines will be regularly serviced and all maintenance demands kept up with, mitigating the risk of costly breakdowns and keeping your machinery compliant 
  • Priority callouts 
  • Reduced labour costs 
  • Discounts on parts and spares 
  • Expert advice and ongoing care 


What to look for in your service contractor 


  • Investment into customer care 

So you can rest assured that any questions or queries you may have will always be answered 


  • Formal qualifications 

To prove competence, specialist knowledge and knowhow 


  • Training services 

Helping you to get the most out of your machinery 


The lifespan of your CNC machine will be dependent upon how well you look after it, and the types of material you’re cutting and working with, but some customers who have invested in a service contract with the VWM team have been able to get daily use from the CNC machinery for over 25 years! 


About VWM 

Established in 1981, we’ve been selling, manufacturing and servicing woodworking machinery for over 40 years. 

We offer competitive prices for comprehensive servicing and repairs on all machines, on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a monthly servicing contract to prevent breakdowns. 


Your VWM technician will make every effort to get to know you and your business as much as possible, observing how you use the machinery to provide recommendations for increased efficiency, conducting a thorough machine service, and carrying out preventive maintenance such as the repair or replacement of worn parts. 


Get in touch to find out more and apply for our CNC service contract today!

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