23 Jan 2023

Meet our apprentices – Luca, Lukas and Will!

Here at VWM, we believe that investing in our youth is an important part of investing in our future. It’s for this reason that we have not one but three fantastic apprentices as part of our team. Introducing – Will, Lukas and Luca!

Meet our apprentices – Will

Will is currently completing his apprenticeship as a CNC Engineer whilst studying at college. We caught up with him to see how he’s finding his time here!

“I’m loving my role as an apprentice CNC Engineer at VWM. The best part of the job is that I get to learn by getting stuck in and using my hands. I’ve always had a very hands-on approach to learning, and this facilitates that really well.”

“When I’ve finished my apprenticeship, I’d love to work my way up the career ladder within VWM – and help my dad continue running the business!”


A list of Will’s favourites…

Band: I mostly listen to dance music

Book: I don’t really read

Film: The Hangover

Sport: Football

Food: Pasta, all day, every day!

Day of the week: Friday

Fictional character: Rocky

Currently watching: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story!


Meet our apprentices – Lukas

Meet Lukas! Lukas joined our team on the 30th of August this year after looking for a hands-on and practical apprenticeship to get him set up in his career. 

“The best part about my role is getting to install and refurbish machinery – I find it really interesting and love getting to work on electrical wiring. The team here at VWM are really great and have made me feel really welcome, I feel like I’ve been here for ages already!” 

“Once my apprenticeship is completed, I’m hoping to continue working at VWM in the same role, as it’s doing something I genuinely enjoy.” 


A list of Lukas’ favourites…

Band: The Stone Roses

Book: Jamie Johnson Series

Film: There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

Sport: Football

Food: Pizza 

Day of the week: Friday 

Fictional character: Tommy Shelby

Currently watching: The Watcher


Meet our apprentices – Luca

Luca joined us around 10 months ago, after completing his studies at Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley. He’s currently completing his apprenticeship as a CNC Engineer through Training 2000. 

“Every day is different, and I’m really enjoying my new role. On a typical day, I’ll be working with the team to install and service the machines, getting them ready for installation in our customer workshops. My role requires me to be very hands-on and use a lot of different tools, which I enjoy. 

“Since starting my apprenticeship, I’ve found that my favourite aspect of the role is how varied it is. I like getting stuck in with every job and assisting different team members with their tasks. 

“Once my apprenticeship is complete, I hope I will be fortunate enough to be able to continue working at VWM and pursuing a role as a CNC Engineer. It’s a really exciting and rewarding job.” 


A list of Luca’s favourites…

Band: Oasis 

Book: Harry Potter series 

Film: The Hangover 

Sport: Football 

Food: Pizza 

Day of the week: Friday 

Fictional character: Batman

Currently watching: Peaky Blinders

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