18 Jul 2023

Safety first: Is your CNC Machine UKCA/CE Marked?

We all know that CNC Machines play a crucial role within your business production line. Delivering precision, innovation and intricate design capabilities – their power is unrivalled. But with this power comes a significant responsibility: ensuring your machines adhere to essential safety standards.


Most critically, it’s essential to ensure your CNC Machine is UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) or CE Marked. Not sure what that means? Or why it matters? We’re here to break it down for you…


What is UKCA / CE Marking?

UKCA and CE marks serve as a validation of a product’s compliance with health, safety and environmental standards within the UK and the European Union. You might have spotted this on devices, machines and gadgets throughout your life. 

Manufacturers are legally obligated to ensure their products feature one of these marks before they can sell them. However, that doesn’t stop certain illegitimate products and brands from slipping through the cracks. 

Why does your CNC Machine need UKCA / CE Marking?

  • Legal compliance

Essentially, if a CNC machine doesn’t have a UKCA/CE mark, then it isn’t safe for use. The safety of your workforce and workplace is paramount. There are severe fines and legal consequences if you, as an employer, are found guilty of incorporating non-compliant equipment within your workplace. 

  • Reputation and business credibility

Secondly, as well as ensuring you are legally compliant and free from the risk of facing hefty fines and severe legal consequences – having UKCA / CE marked CNC Machines also enhances your company’s reputation and credibility. 

If word gets out that your business is using unregulated equipment and isn’t maintaining safety standards, you’re likely to tarnish your reputation and lose credibility among stakeholders – from your employees to your clients and partners. In the long run, this could negatively impact your market presence, customer relationships and financial stability.

  • Increased operational efficiency

Finally, by ensuring your CNC machines are UKCA / CE marked – you can know with confidence that your machine is designed to function optimally, reducing downtime and maintenance costs in the process. 


Please note: As an employer, you will still need to ensure that the equipment within your workplace is adherent to other legal requirements, including the regular carrying out of Machine Risk Assessments. However, checking for a UKCA or CE mark on your machines is an essential initial step to take. 

Choose VWM – Woodworking Machines Worldwide

From legal compliance to reputation preservation and operational efficiency, the UKCA/CE mark symbolises far more than just a safety standard. It’s a badge of honour in the commitment to quality, safety, and the welfare of your employees.

Choosing a CNC machine is an important decision with significant implications for your business’s productivity, efficiency and safety. By choosing to purchase from a long-standing and reputable supplier, such as us here at VWM – you’re guaranteeing safety, legal compliance and peace of mind. 

As a family-owned business, we’ve been selling, manufacturing and servicing woodworking machinery for over forty years. We’re here to help you choose the right CNC machinery for your needs. 

For more information or advice relating to CNC Machine safety, please ring us on 01282 870077 or drop us a message here. 


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