13 Nov 2017

Sliderobes of Batley West Yorkshire invest in new panel process center for the manufacture of high quality bedrooms

High quality Bedroom manufacturer Sliderobes West Yorkshire have just upgraded their whole production facility with VWM, Having visited the VWM showrooms and looked at the selection of machinery on display it was clear that a small footprint CNC boring machine, new panelsaw and edgebander were needed to increase production, quality and accuracy on their products.

A quality sliderobes bedroom
All the machines were fully demonstrated in our fully operational showroom and it was decided the first machine needed was the new Robland BM3000 CNC boring machine, the machine has a fully installed Windows based software that enables the customer draw his panels for face drilling, end drilling, grooving, routing, cam and dowel and Blum hinge holes.
Once this operation has been performed you simply load the panel on to the machine and press go, a typical wardrobe panel with multiple holes for shelves and some cam and dowel drilling would be processed in less than 2 min which is a massive saving on labor and accuracy.

                                                                                                                                                           Robland BM-3000 cnc
The Robland machine was fully installed and commissioned by factory trained VWM engineers who recently completed training at the Robland factory in Belgium, thus giving oiur customers a better understanding of the machine and its capabilities.
The next two machines that Sliderobes West Yorkshire decided upon was a Griggio Digit 3 panels saw with touch screen, full 3 axis controls of the blade, tilt and fence position fully automatic position of the scoring saw unit and digital flip over stops to the cross cut table.The final piece of the jigsaw was the new Lange B85KFE Edgebander this machine was fully loaded with many options which include pre-milling, corner rounding and buffing and glue scraping station.

Griggio Digit 3 panelsaw

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