24 Aug 2020

We’ve gone paperless! Introducing Red Zebra, our new electronic servicing system!

Just before the world went into lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, at VWM we were looking into methods of making the ways that we work more efficient, and we’re pleased to announce that our plans to incorporate a more streamlined servicing system are now complete!


In the switch to an upgraded system, we’ve ended up ditching the paperwork and instead kitted out our servicing team with iPads. Now, whenever one of our engineers needs to attend a servicing appointment, they’ll be able to access all of the machine’s details, including service history and a bank of electrical drawings, easily and without having to carry around reams of paperwork. The new online system, Red Zebra, also allows engineers to upload photos of any electrical modifications that have been made to the machine, allowing us to keep a more thorough record of the machine’s history.


“We’re really pleased with how well the new system is working,” says Sales Director, Jason Varey. “We purchased the standard Red Zebra system earlier this year and have been working to customise it and get it tailored to our needs, which I think we’ve achieved.


“The new system allows engineers to send a job sheet directly to myself whilst they’re with the client, and I can then press a button and get an invoice sent out within seconds. It’s definitely helping to cut our processing times down, and it’s just a lot more efficient and reliable than the paper-based system we used to have in place.


“So far, we’ve received some really positive feedback from our clients, especially our big contract customers who have already reaped the benefits of this recent change in our ways of working. I think customers like it because their whole journey with us is on record and that record can always be accessed easily if need be.”

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