Spindle Rebuilds

VWM offer high-quality spindle rebuilding service for most makes of router heads from Colombo, HSD, Wadkin, Rye, SCM, Omlat and much more.

Incoming inspection
We carry out an initial inspection of the head electrically and mechanically and where possible the spindle will be run to analyse the condition of it, our methods are unobtrusive and give us a valuable insight into the condition of the unit.

If necessary the unit is then disassembled to a component level and all items are inspected for damage to determine which parts need replacing or reworking

Report and quotation
A report on our findings is then prepared into a quote for the client approval

Preparation for re-build
Following authorization we will then begin re-build of the unit starting with the use of existing parts where these are to be found not usable we will install new high-quality parts or in some extreme cases, we can manufacture new in our own engineering shop.

Final assembly
All units are assembled and tested on our test rig where we can run spindles of various voltages and frequency up to 30,000 rpm. All units are balanced where necessary and fully tested over a 12 hour period and in all cases temperature, shaft orientation position and parameters are also checked.

We also supply and fit new draw bars and petal collets to most makes of router spindles including Colombo HSD Rye Wadkin and SCM, as well as a large selection from stock of tool holders, collets, Aggregates and special purpose tool holders for all routing application’s.

We have facility to fully test and re-set all sensors within the head once a new collet has been installed and fully test the operation of clamping and UN-clamping the tool.

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